Magni Modernism Book Tour

Each day has been a new, amazing experience through this Magni Modernism book tour. This is much bigger than a book — it’s family, clients, friends all gathering around as a testament for a wonderful, 25 year career.

Contemporary Reinterpretation

In the pages of Magni Modernism you’ll find a range of projects and one of the most unique is the Jackson Hole project.  The clients hired me since they were determined to reinterpret the woodsy national park lodges built in the late nineteenth century. The… continue reading

Fantasy Dollhouse Project

Giving back is the greatest pleasure and combining design with charity is even better. Recently I participated in the inaugural Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA Dollhouse project. Along with other designers, we are creating incredible fantasy doll houses to benefit the hospital and the newly launched… continue reading

Home As a Sacred Space

When you do residential design, you’re working in someone’s sacred space, It’s not just decorating—putting objects and artworks in rooms. Our job is to create environments that are meaningful to people, that speak very intimately to who they are and where their spirit can come… continue reading

Events East and West

As a designer I am always searching for inspiration and usually find it through travel. In addition, I am often inspired by colleagues and being part of a larger design community. I look forward to the activities of the upcoming week in both Los Angeles… continue reading

Three Decades of Interior Design

Over the past year of work on my first book, Magni Modernism (Abrams, 2013), I’ve had the opportunity to revisit nearly three decades of interior design projects, and to reflect back on my work as a ‘body’ – that is, a single, consistent entity that defines my vision as a designer.

About Magni Modernism

James Magni’s highly sophisticated, modern home design is highly sought after the world over and showcased here for the first time. Magni Modernism displays the designer’s sensibilities through 14 private residences found in such diverse locales as Beverly Hills, Mexico City, Jackson Hole, Aspen, and Moscow.

About James Magni

Originally trained as an architect, James Magni found his calling in residential interior design, beginning Magni Design, Inc. in 1988 and Magni Home Collection, his furniture design studio, in 1996.